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My on-demand webinar with Tasktop’s VP of Product Management, Nicole Bryan, describing a straightforward method for finding your analytic solution and how to adapt the Goal, Question, Metric (GQM) method to development processes, as well as how to avoid “the light is brighter here” analytics anti-pattern.

Check out Cutter Consortium Agile Practice’s presentation of my workshop that explains mastering the new, integrative framework, to increase the business value of your software and develop better software. This will benefit anyone in your organization who is involved in software and its importance to the business.

Our popular A New Kind of Software Development Framework, where we describe a new kind of prescriptive framework that is being built now, an integrative framework for 2016 and beyond. For a deep dive into better understanding this dichotomy, me and other Agile/Lean/Kanban/System Thinking practitioners invite you to see what we encounter at some of our real-world software development engagements. So, please click here to download Parts I and II of the series Implementing the Integrative Framework:

Part I (Implementing the Integrative Framework – Moving on from Know-how to Know-why), and;

Part II (Implementing the Integrative Framework – Scalability) of the series;

My ‘One Size Does Not Fit All’ keynote presentation given at this year’s Software Guru Conference on the New Integrative Framework

In this webinar with David West, Tasktop’s Chief Product Officer, we cover the dimensions of analytics, the key driving principles, analytics maturity, adapting the analytics to your mix of development efforts, and integrating analytics across the levels of the organization.

At Cutter Consortium, I delivered this webinar on Modern Lean;

A recent briefing on managing software and IT portfolios in the face of uncertainty;

A recent briefing on Schedule Prediction;

Briefing on The Economics of Quality at the Consortium on IT and Software Quality (CISQ) conference;

On the IBM DevWorks site, I published an article on Flow Measures for Software.

For the Cutter Consortium, I recently published an article on technical liability.

An article I wrote explaining some of the math behind the Nate Silver’s, The Signal and the Noise;

IEEE Computer Society: Economic Governance of Software Delivery Economic Governance of Software Delivery;

Association for Computing Machinery: Calculating and improving ROI in software and system programs;