MC Status Update 2/2/17

/MC Status Update 2/2/17

MC Status Update 2/2/17

I’m using this spot on this exciting Groundhog Day to inform friends of what I’ve been up to since the end of 2016 and early 2017.

Please stay in touch, and know I am hosting several workshops in the first half of the year related to Agile and, specifically, helping Management teams understand their roles and responsibilities in shepherding in Agile – and the Agile mindset – within their department and division.

Agile is not perfect, but when it’s introduced properly, using the tools you might find at another company I’m working with – – you’ll agree that Agile is extremely valuable for ANY organization. I help folks have great success in using Agile to deliver products and services faster, in a more streamlined fashion, and with better predictability than is otherwise possible.

What I’ve been working on these past few months – aside from my due diligence analytics work I’ve been doing overseas – has been working closely as an advisor to a Precision Medicine Management team looking to start up an integrated precision medicine service; I’ve been contributing System Design and mathematical expertise and modeling to their launching a new initiative in the Precision Medicine space. I enjoy being part of that team and can say we’ve accomplished a lot in just a few months.

Next, coincidentally, I recently started an engagement to do a Product Line Engineering Assessment for a major Medical Application at a global medical diagnostic supplier.

I believe we are experiencing a lot of innovative disruption in Medicine right now, and I’m happy I’m able to engage serious Management Teams in this space.

My work as Aptage CTO has been keeping me busy, too. I’ve been the CTO at for just over a year, now and have been doing workshops and preparing user documentation on various Aptage tools, like our Aptage Risk Burndown write-up.  Please take a look, and as always, let me know what you think. We’re in a period of enhancing our tool set and bringing more granularity to not just how we measure risk more precisely but improving predictive analysis and outcomes related to things like Sprint completion and likelihood of delivery success. I’m grateful for everyone’s feedback on Aptage and encourage your involvement as we directly help the folks who use Agile each day, adding tangible, real value to Management decision-making and strategic planning.

And, may you find some quality reading time, after the dust settles on this Groundhog Day, to peruse my latest Reading List recommendations.

Thank you for keeping in touch!




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I'm founder and CTO of Aptage. I help Management teams and professionals manage better in the face of uncertainty.

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  1. Augusto Nieva February 3, 2017 at 12:22 am - Reply

    Great work Murray! Adding value without adding complexity, only sophistication!

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