Implementing the Integrative Framework, Part IV — Autonomy

/Implementing the Integrative Framework, Part IV — Autonomy

Implementing the Integrative Framework, Part IV — Autonomy

In our previous Advisor in this series (see “Implementing the Integrative Framework, Part III — Alignment“), we defined a modus for alignment in which the development organization executive (e.g., CTO or VP of development) is responsible for defining overall development organization goals so that the organization fulfills its role in meeting the enterprise mission. The development executive accordingly sets the corresponding top-level product strategy and overall project team goals. In parallel, the project team assumes responsibility for working to achieve these goals by innovative problem solving and/or continuing focus on efficiency.

With this modus, a properly tooled company can create initial alignment (e.g., through the planning and budgeting process) and maintain it on an ongoing basis by continuing to track the measures and align the portfolio view with the project view whenever needed.

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