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Manage uncertainty. I’ll show you how.

murray-close-bMurray Cantor is founder and CTO of Aptage and has been leading cutting-edge ideas in software and systems development for over 35 years. As an IBM Distinguished Engineer, he led the application of predictive analytics to software and systems planning and development and was the Rational Lead for Analytics and Optimization for Software and Systems. In addition to many articles, he is the author of two books: Object-Oriented Project Management with UML and Software Leadership.

Tools to Manage Uncertainty

APTAGE is for Product Managers, Development Managers, ScrumMasters and others. Today, you can minimize risk and perform better in the face of uncertainty.  Learn how.

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Recommended Reading

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Litigator - Military Defense-Court-Martial-Defense-Helixon For a while, I have felt that there should be a greater emphasis on probability in mathematics education. All of us need to understand probability to better understand [...]

Implementing the Integrative Framework, Part IV — Autonomy

In our previous Advisor in this series (see "Implementing the Integrative Framework, Part III -- Alignment"), we defined a modus for alignment in which the development organization executive (e.g., CTO or VP of development) is [...]

Finding Team Velocity Using Bayes Nets

One of challenges of sprint planning is settling on a good choice of velocity. One simple, but imprecise and approach uses burn-up charts. A clear explanation of dealing with uncertainty of velocity using burn-up charts [...]

A New Kind of Software Development Framework

Following up on my previous blog, today my colleague, Israel Gat, and I published a new blog on the Cutter website, describing our recent thoughts on the future of development frameworks. Please click here. We will [...]